Heddington Oaks Nursing Home
Peoria, IL

The project consisted of a new 214 bed, 155,000 square foot skilled nursing facility for Peoria County.  With the help from the advanced WebCTRL building automation system, the new facility achieved the USGBC rating of LEED Silver.


The Challenge

Mechanically, the project consisted of a central hot water heating plant, 7 custom rooftop air handling units, over 180 VAV terminal units, and other misc equipment.  The WebCTRL system maintains critical resident comfort settings while implementing advanced energy conservation sequences.


The Process

Our team of in-house installers coordinated with all trades to make sure the project stayed on schedule.  Their commitment to quality ensured a smooth commissioning and start-up process of the mechanical equipment.  Our technical solutions team implemented the advanced sequence of operations that keep the building comfortable and energy-efficient.  A comprehensive commissioning of the building was completed to achieve USGBC Silver status.


The Result

Peoria County has a shining facility that was built with care.  The WebCTRL system provides them with an intuitive front-end to help maintain the efficient design and system operations.