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EIKON-LogicBuilder is the most advanced graphical programming tool in the industry. With the click of a button, you can build complex control algorithms, diagnose problems and run real-time or simulated operational data to evaluate the performance of a control sequence. EIKON-LogicBuilder makes it easy to understand control sequences as it does not use cryptic “line by line” computer code.


Created specifically for building control applications, EIKON offers sophisticated programming features to make your building operation simple and energy-efficient. Our library of pre-engineered solutions comprises advanced control algorithms and can easily be tailored to your building's mechanical HVAC systems, ensuring precise control and comfort.

Graphical Programming for Energy-Efficiency & Ease of Use


EIKON-LogicBuilder Dashboard by Automated Logic


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EIKON-LogicBuilder Key Features and Benefits:


  •  Intuitive graphical programming tool eliminates the need for complex and cryptic computer code.
  • “Live” graphic programs via a browser like Internet Explorer® provide “real-time” system analysis and a valuable troubleshooting tool.
  • Powerful library of built-in microblocks (control functions) makes it easy to customize control sequences, whether simple or complex.
  • Comprehensive library of pre-engineered graphic programs for all types of HVAC equipment speeds programming.
  • Universally understood graphical symbols are used for the microblock control library.
  • Advanced “drag and drop” functionality – microblocks can easily be repositioned without having to redraw connections thanks to the smart “elastic-banding”.
  • “Label finder” makes it easy to see all program labels used for safety interlocks or networked variables.
  • Flexible simulation mode enables the user to verify control sequences prior to system installation and commissioning.
  • Comprehensive set of BACnet® objects for programming and compatibility with the ASHRAE BACnet protocol.


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ALC's Eikon-LogicBuilder – Simulate your Building Operations