The WebCTRL® system’s open architecture and support for industry standards make integration with third-party mechanical and electrical building sub-systems easy.


Third-Party Mechanical & Electrical System Integration


Integrating Building Control Systems & Tools

Our open systems integration platform allows for seamless interconnection to equipment on TCP/IP, EIA-485, or EIA- 232 networks. Support for BACnet, Modbus, N2, JBUS, and LonWorks are standard, as well as an extensive list of proprietary protocols. 

The WebCTRL system is also capable of supporting multiple protocols over a TCP/IP network, allowing a variety of equipment to be connected directly to the WebCTRL system backbone.



WebCTRL® Integration  


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There has been an integration solution between the WebCTRL® system and the Edwards® EST3: Life Safety Control Platform for more than a decade. The recently updated integration enables additional capabilities, accelerated integration, and updates the communication to the Edwards Communication Protocol v5.29.


EDWARDS® EST3 integration with WebCTRL®

Use Cases

  • Coordinated smoke control and evacuation between the Edwards and WebCTRL systems
    • Centralized status monitoring for facilities maintenance and event response within the WebCTRL system
  • Enhanced periodic test reporting of the Edwards system with WebCTRL system reporting
    • Improved data visualization and dashboarding of fire systems with WebCTRL system
  • Enhanced Reporting
    • Enables WebCTRL system to report on periodic smoke evacuation and control system tests. Detailed WebCTRL monitoring and reporting can be used to quickly diagnose specific failures resulting from a test.

Upgrades and changes from previous versions

  • Upgraded to Edwards Communication Protocol v5.29
  • Firmware upgrades dramatically increase point capacity from point per device state to point per end device.
  • Includes EIKON® software for the WebCTRL® system scripting tool “Edwards Integration Helper” to generate points in the WebCTRL system, increasing integration efficiency.


Otis® Elevators

The integration of Otis® Elevators into the WebCTRL® system can enable the following key capabilities:

  1. See the run status of the elevator: Normal | Service | Out of Service
  2. See the position of the elevator doors. Both front and, if present, back door positions.
  3. See the floor position of the elevator, and its direction of movement if in motion.
  4. See the load condition of the elevator: Normal | Occupied | Full | Exceeded


Otis® Elevator integration with WebCTRL®

Run Conditions, Energy Consumption, and Dashboarding

Various conditions of the Otis equipment can be dashboarded within the WebCTRL system.

Innate Scalability

Best of all, because of innate scalability and hierarchical server capabilities of the WebCTRL system you can display the conditions of multiple Otis elevator systems around campus, or around the globe, within a single WebCTRL system.


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