Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center – BAS Upgrade
Peoria, IL

Peoria County’s Juvenile Detention Center was constructed in the late 90’s to replace an aging facility.  To improve occupant comfort and energy efficiency in the building, after years of struggle, the County requested pricing to replace the obsolete controls system.  After careful review and evaluation, ECSI and Automated Logic were selected.


The Challenge

An outdated controls system was preventing the owner’s facility staff from properly monitoring and maintaining the HVAC equipment that serves the building. This included a chilled water plant, hot water plant, 10 air handling units, and over 40 zones. The lack of control was having a negative impact on occupant comfort and resulting in higher utility costs.  The facility operates 24/7 and ECSI worked with the JDC staff to complete the upgrade with minimal equipment downtime.


The Process

New Automated Logic control modules, panels, sensors, transmitters, and actuators were installed and commissioned while custom equipment and floorplan graphics were developed to provide the facility staff with a first-class interface. ECSI worked with JDC staff to correct temperature control problems that had plagued the facility since it was constructed.


The Result

The intuitive WebCTRL front-end provides the facility staff with the analytical tools they need to ensure system operations, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort.  Advanced scheduling of zones enabled high-performance sequence of operation on major mechanical equipment that help to reduce energy intensity and environmental impact.


“After years of struggling with a system that had an inferior service group and limited functionality; working with ECSI and Automated Logic has been a breath of fresh air.  Their commitment to quality during the installation, and service beyond warranty, has been top-notch.  And the WebCTRL front-end is very easy to navigate and use.  It feels good knowing the facility is operating at its best.” - Brian Brown, Superintendent Peoria County