Marion Public Library - Marion, Iowa

The new library not only houses the books, but also caters to children, teens and adults with numerous technology, collaboration and activity areas. There are also some unique amenities including a second floor outdoor terrace with a double-sided fireplace.

After the 2020 derecho damaged the existing library, the City of Marion moved forward with a new 50,000 sq ft. library in the historic uptown area.


The Challenge

Mechanically, the project consisted of a central heating and cooling plant, custom dedicated outdoor air unit with energy recovery, 40 four-pipe fan coil units, hot water radiant panels and miscellaneous other equipment. The Automated Logic WebCTRL system monitors and maintains the critical environment needed for the books and other media as well as implementing the advanced energy saving sequences provided by the design team.


The Process

Our team of in-house installers coordinated with the other trades on the project to keep the project on schedule. Our experienced technical team implemented the energy saving sequences and worked with the commissioning team to verify the operations. With WebCTRL’s live Logic page, the programming can be easily evaluated for compliance. Several changes were needed along the way and these could be implemented and validated quickly and easily with the industry leading Eikon and Equipment Builder software tools from Automated Logic. Several BACnet integrations were also required on this project and again, Automated Logic’s suite of software tools made this complicated task simple and easy.


The Result

The intuitive WebCTRL front end provides the facility staff and mechanical service providers with the analytical tools and graphical interfaces to ensure energy efficient operation, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality. Instead of the traditional on-prem server pc, the city elected to go with WebCTRL Cloud for their front end. This option delivers the same industry leading functionality and user friendly interface but harnesses the power of the AWS cloud environment. BACnet SecureConnect and AES-128-bit encryption ensure a secure connection between the building IP network and the cloud environment. WebCTRL Cloud allows access to the system from a browser anywhere in the world without additional IT requirements such as cumbersome VPN’s or complicated software programs.