Caterpillar Global Communications Center - BAS Upgrade
Peoria, IL

Bradley University’s Caterpillar Global Communications Center contains the offices of the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts.  To improve occupant comfort and energy efficiency in the 50,000+ square foot building, the University moved forward with the implementation of an Automated Logic WebCTRL Building Automation System.


The Challenge

An outdated controls system was preventing the owner’s facility staff from properly monitoring and maintaining the HVAC equipment that serves the building.  This included a 900-ton chilled water plant that also provides cooling to many of the dorm buildings on campus.  The lack of control was having a negative impact on occupant/student comfort and resulting in higher utility costs. 


The Process

BU engaged ECSI to help develop an upgrade solution. In tandem, ECSI’s Energy Services Team worked with BU and the Ameren Illinois utility rebate program to secure a custom incentive to help offset the costs of the project. The project secured nearly $38,000 in rebates! Upon approval of the plan and utility rebate, ECSI performed the upgrade while the building was occupied and was required to keep the HVAC equipment in operation to maintain comfort. New Automated Logic control modules, panels, sensors, transmitters, and actuators were installed and commissioned while custom equipment and floorplan graphics were developed to provide the facility staff with a first-class interface.


The Result

The intuitive WebCTRL front-end provides the facility staff with the analytical tools they need to ensure system operations, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort.  Advanced scheduling of zones enabled high-performance sequence of operation on major mechanical equipment that helps to reduce energy intensity and environmental impact.  The project is projected to have a Simple Return on Investment (ROI) of 2 years or less!