Environmental Index

eng_prod_yrThe Environmental Index (EI) works – and works simply. It’s calculated only when a zone is occupied, indicating how closely a zone temperature maintains its heating and cooling setpoints, and expresses it as a percentage. The Environmental Index registers on an analog gauge, recording poor to optimal (0% to 100%) conditions on a red-to-green color spectrum. It can also incorporate relative humidity and contaminants such as CO2 into the results. Every occupied zone, area, floor and building can be calculated, weighted for priority, trended and reported.



Easily accessed through Automated Logic’s WebCTRL building automation system, the Environmental Index helps facility managers identify operational issues and target the areas that need improvement. And WebCTRL can easily generate standard format reports to include Environmental Index data needed to track system performance. Incorporating the Environmental Index into your control strategies can yield dramatic results.



screen3View EI at Zone Levels


EI_buildinglevelView EI totals at a building level and create custom reports detailing zones areas.