Only EnergyReports™ gives you the complete picture!


Your success in balancing energy use with comfort, and achieving sustainable building operations, depends upon your access to critical building information. With EnergyReports, you’ll get all the information you need.


Versatile and easy to use, EnergyReports generates data on the fly or automatically sends it in the format you specify. Leveraging WebCTRL’s extensive and scalable trending capabilities*, it provides a fully integrated solution, easily installed and deployed. And unlike any other management tool, EnergyReports can display the Environmental Index alongside energy usage data for a graphic comparison of efficiency and comfort. Accessed through a standard browser, EnergyReports offers a variety of colorful graphical formats as well as spreadsheet style data. Reports include occupied/ unoccupied usage, Cooling Degree Days (CDD), Heating Degree Days (HDD), lowmedian- high data and benchmark comparison data. Users can normalize consumption information or convert it to other units including cost and CO2 emissions. An integrated Report Manager function can automatically schedule, send and archive monthly, quarterly or yearly reports in Excel® spreadsheet or Acrobat® PDF formats.


* Requires WebCTRLv4 or later software

ER_ConsumptView detailed reports on consumption


ER_CompareView itemized reports on consumption at a daily, monthly or yearly basis


Compare buildings using itemized reports on consumption